Thursday, October 22, 2009

I tried to put this up earlier but Blogger was throwing a bit of a tantrum. I banged on the door for a bit and pleaded with it to come out and play but it just kept tossing error codes at me and refused to talk. Sigh.

When it was finally so late (it's actually am of the next morning) that I was only going to turn off the computer and go to bed, suddenly Blogger is pretending we didn't even have a fight. So, less witty, only slightly coherent, but at least I can get the post up, as I'll be too busy tomorrow.

Today was going to be another studio day, or maybe a decorate the house day, but I had to run a couple of errands and once I was out, my focus was scattered. I got my errands done, had lunch with the Hubby, dinner with a friend, and I did a quick in and out at several different thrift shops after discovering that the skirt I went back for at one thrift shop had been sold since I'd seen it a few days ago.

I wanted to buy the skirt then but couldn't remember why, so in a fit of being reasonable I left it. Then I got home and had an inspiration - it was perfect to finish transforming this summer's Will-o-the-Wisp outfit into a regal Ice Queen gown for this winter's faery ball. I would go back the next day. I forgot to go back the next day. I would go back the NEXT day. Ditto on the forgetting thing. Finally today - rats. Gone. So I went to ALL the local thrift stores (3) with no luck and resigned myself to be on the lookout for another one over the next few months. In my size. Did I mention - rats.

BUT, even rushing in and out (Hubby was with me and we had lots to do), I still found some awesome stuff. So that's the good news. Some books, a metal milk pitcher, a beautiful coffee table to eventually use in the breezeway (already put it in the garage, no photo). And...

This little celery green display shelf. It's nice and sturdy. I plan to repaint it something more fun.

Another little shelf - retro looking. Spray painted white it will work in the front bathroom, match the shabby white shelving in there, and towels will stack nicely on it.

Some nice clothes in earthy winter tones. Well, so maybe the pink isn't an earth tone. In case you're interested, from L to R: pink bandana, green jacket, brown skirt, gray waffle weave long sleeved tee, orange scarf, green khaki pants. All ready to wear except the pants which need to be hemmed and I need to add an applique over a worn spot on one leg. They were worth the trouble as I love that color green and they were brand new except for that one spot - maybe someone snagged it the first and only time they tried them on? And they were $1.

I bought this for the frame, not the print, although it's sort of a cool print in a spooky Yule sort of way. That's supposed to be either Bob Cratchett or Scrooge lifting Tiny Tim up on his shoulder. What's cool about the frame is that middle area is black velvet. Also, spooky spider web elbow length gloves.

A Brown Betty tea pot. Actually, it's a brown Brown Betty tea pot. A little glass display case, a bunch of mismatched, old, silver plated silverware (all pretty and different handles!), a tiny frame with a shadow box style glass, an oval glass frame, a giant metal key, and hiding in the bottom righthand corner a little leather headband that might use as a headband or it might be a neck choker when I'm done with it.

That's it, no studio time. And tomorrow is all about football. So no studio time tomorrow either. Maybe this weekend. Knock on wood.


Anonymous said...

look at all the goodies! I love that big metal key and the picture frame! :-)

Tammy said...

Looks like you found lots of treasures.