Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IMG_9879 by you.

More spooky, I found this long slip of paper on the sidewalk on a walk the other day. I thought it was very strange - what possible purpose could it have ever served? It's got a coating, almost a laminate, on it. I thought it helped spookify up this photo - Still Life with Cat and Quince.

4031432108_bdcae54c74_o by you.

Or how 'bout this one - sans black cat?

If you'd like to see more garden produce (not all of it spooky), I posted about a bit of autumn harvesting over on Beach Treasure.


Alix said...

Ooooooooo. Spooky indeed. But the black cat definitely belongs in the picture.

Sophia said...

Cute. I love the idea. And yes...hmm....wondering now what its purpose was for. muuwahahahaha :D

Julie said...

This is a great picture! thanks for your Halloween visit!

Carmen said...

yes indeed but the first picture is unique