Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You've heard of the Black Hat Society, yes? No? Well, think about it - who wears a black hat? A black pointy hat?

4f257 by you.
There ya go.

Well, apparently there's another, lesser known group called.....

IMG_9885 by you.

The Black Cat Society.

There's an entire chapter of the group living here in our home. Here are just a few of the members posing to help me show off the orange, black cat tutu I made for a certain someone who wants to be a black cat for Halloween.

She loves to dress up and is still young enough that a tutu adds flair to just about anything she wants to wear - whether it be a Halloween costume, a pair of jeans and a frilly t-shirt, or just a pair of snuggly pajamas. Now that I think about it, a tutu should add flair to anyone's outfit, no matter your age.

IMG_1275 by you.

"Hey, what about the rest of us black cats!"

Yes, I know, we have a few more black cats at this house that did not get in this particular picture. They probably deserve a post all their own... some other day.


Belita Rose said...

So I suppose you're the only Grammy I know that would be excited to know that her granddaughter called her a witch!

Celestial Charms said...

Love all your black cats, but live black kitty is precious. Especially sitting next to that fabulous worn book. Now that is a great expression on his/her face! I had a black cat for many years named Myfanwy. She used to give me a similar expression. Maureen