Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Good Mail Fairy is getting quite a workout around here. Today I got another box of goodies in the mail. This one from my mom, filled with this and that. I wanted to show you the Halloween items.

Isn't Mr. Jingly Bones cute?

And ditto on the hand towel. It seems to me I saw this towel somewhere and had to resist the impulse to buy it.

She also sent this BEACH sign. It isn't Halloween-ish, but I couldn't resist sharing it, and Rosie, peeking over the top. It will look great in my beach themed bathroom.

Oh! And wait until you see the great Halloween "crystal ball" I found at the thrift store yesterday! I have to take a photo of it and show you tomorrow. It's too rainy to go get it out of the car right now. Stay tuned.

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Belita Rose said...

I was thinking if you wanted to you could just do whatever you need to do to get house ready for my baby or who my friend calls "go, go gadget arms", and then I could help you decorate if you wanted me to. That is if you aren't so excited about getting your Halloween decorations up that you cannot wait. I've hade mine up since the end of August and have slowly been adding to them as the stores put out their halloween mechandise. Oh and I went to a halloween store yesterday and they had the most beautiful selection of fairy wings!! I didn't buy any but I did get some idea's!! Love you!