Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I saved my favorites for last. My favorites to make, that is. I wanted to make some paper/collage... something. But felt surprisingly intimidated by the process. These particular ideas came to be at the last minute, once I had warmed up on crafts I was more familiar with and I had SO MUCH FUN (I know, I keep saying that phrase, but it's true) making them.

I mentioned that my swap partner Kathy loves to Crazy Quilt, yes? So I was inspired to make this little display book for her. I think if you click on the photo, you can see the little black spider up in the top righthand corner. He's so cute. He was a plastic button but I clipped off the back so he'd lay flat. I noticed another blogger had done the same thing with a Halloween button in one of her projects - wish I could remember which blog I saw that on.

Another photo showing the spine. And the lace and fabrics all about it were also part of the package.

Apparently Kathy has a crew of cleaning fairies (or not, she says they don't always show up when she needs them - imagine that!), so I really wanted to do something with fairies for her. Since the whole collage thing intimidated me, I waited until the last minute and just pretended I was doing some bookmarks, and that took the pressure off me. I mean, bookmarks don't have to be as amazing, right? But even though they're simple, not a lot of different techniques, I like how they turned out. I used a page from the weird Japanese/English phrase translation book I got at the library for the background. I love the odd sentences. Again, you can probably read it if you open up the photo.

I made a sweet fairy, so now I had to have a sinister fairy. She's not really all that sinister. Any more than any other teenager, that is. She just puts on a good show of it. The text behind her came from a regular dictionary and I found it interesting that the root of the word "sinister" means not only "evil" but also refers to something from the "left side" or "left path" or "leaning towards the left". Interesting cultural implications in that secondary meaning, huh.

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Belita Rose said...

Oh those are so cute!! I want to make some! I love them!! Can we make some? Oh yeah, I love them!!