Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tired of ghost town photos yet? The correct answer is - "No! We love ghost town photos. We could look at ghost town photos for weeks!" Okay, maybe a few more days. I still haven't dealt with my photo issues to add new photos. Soon. If I can pull myself away from the cutie that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon long enough to find the time.

An old globe.
"Breaking News. Oh, this should be rich, must be something of monumental Earth shattering importance or they wouldn't have that Earth there, shattering. See it shattering? It's Earth Shattering Breaking News. Oh, do tell me! Tell me, tell me!" (name that quote!)

Whistler's Mother? No, we're missing a painting on the wall. And, of course, we're missing Whistler's mother. Maybe this could be titled "Whistler's Mother's Ghost"?

More great colors.

Old jars. It seems to me as if they're looking wistfully out the window. I wonder how they pass the time at night. Do jars sleep? At night? Of course we could argue, do they look wistfully out the window in the first place. I vote yes, they do.

Now if I was a ghost, I'd want a cute little ghost cottage like this. I mean, I suppose it would be great to have a big ol' mansion to haunt but if I wasn't forced to stay within the constraints of the four walls, if I could wander out into the garden and surrounding area (visit other ghost friends at their haunted houses?), then this one seems more my style. I'd grow moonflowers up the front of the picket fence and people who passed by would hear my invisible rocking chair creaking as I enjoyed the summer night beneath the moon.

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Flea Market Queen said...

I absolutely love your photos...
So intriquing for sure!