Saturday, October 06, 2007

I want to put something Halloween themed up every day for the rest of the month. That's my goal. What I'd really love to do is show you some Halloween ART I've made each day for the rest of the month, but while I can imagine myself accomplishing the first goal, the second one is pretty much a fantasy this year.

I was busy yesterday with more unpacking and moving about of furniture and decor. It suddenly got.....COLD!!!!! Not just a little cold. Frosty, windy, snowing, haily cold! Sitting on the bleachers at the football game last night, completely unprepared for the weather, I froze a lot of the sticky out parts of my body. Nose, fingers..... what did you think I mean?

So, today these autumn and cemetery scenes will have to do for my Halloween theme.

Oh, and I got yet ANOTHER box in the mail! This was definitely a great mail week. My mom sent me this cute Halloween pillow!

In the photo it's kind of hard to see, there's a fourth black cat on the top right. It's exactly the same number of all black cats as we have here at home. And I can tell from the looks on their tapestry faces which of our cats each one represents. The one on the left looking all annoyed is Nut. Her every day look is "annoyed". The one laying around in the foreground is, of course, our three legged Cosmo. Yoda is the iquisitive one looking over the top of the pumpkin. She's always looking for new ways to start trouble with the rest of the cats. And the one you can't see really well, just minding his own business, is sleek and fat George Weasley. The colors match my new living room colors perfectly. Can I keep it out all year round?

If you'd like to see more cemetery photos, I put a few up yesterday on Beach Treasure.

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Belita Rose said...

It's actually cold here too! It's like maybe 65 degrees. That's cold!! It's okay, I like to cozy up on my birthday with a warm baby! Love you!