Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It seems people assumed the photos in my last post were from my own yard. Even my own mother thought so! I'd love to say it was true (don't you all want to own your very own hearse like the one the parking attendant was driving!?), but except for the giant spider (who is crawling on a, SPIKY flowering quince just next to the front door), the rest of the images are from a family who run a haunted house at their home each year.

Here's a bigger view of some of the characters I photographed.

Well, they did have a haunted house, or rather, a "yard haunt" until this year when they had to scale their display down considerably. It used to go all round their yard, through their side and back yards, and into their empty lot next door with nine or ten different scenes. This year it was all only two smaller scenes in the front yard and porch of the house and one larger scene in the front of the lot next door.

Here's a close up of one (well, two) of multiple signs that they had scattered about the display. I wondered about the signs when we stopped to take photos a couple of days ago, so when we went back tonight to trick-or-treat I asked the homeowner, someone we are acquainted with on a somewhat peripheral basis (I think they had kids who played some sport with some of our kids) and he told us that he'd been both vandalized and harassed by both neighbors and the city for having "trash" (meaning the decorations) in his yard. Sheesh. Some people just have their panties in a twist. I won't go on and on. I guess it's all handled for now. Hopefully he'll be back next year. All I can say is, for a yard full of trash, there sure were a lot of people visiting it.

We took a few more photos tonight.

The butler greeted us on the porch with a selection of beverages.

And of course there's always that one guest that gets drunk and drives his haunted carriage through the graveyard.

And a few Dia de Los Muertos spirits showed up early for the party. Or perhaps.... who could this be? If you head over to Beach Treasure, I think things will become clearer.

"Are all the spooks and ghouls gone yet Mom?"


YesBut said...

Hi Laume
Great photographs, I can see you had great fun preparing for Halloween. Now you can start planning for Christmas.

Paul-ene said...

Fun spooky house by your place...too bad not everyone thinks so tho...bummer when couple people ruin it for all.

We just seen a spooky house similiar this Halloween. IT was fun. In my area they give out prizes for the best "JUNK" in the yard(ha ha ha).

Happy Halloween and Blog Party! Thanks for sharing all the fun photos of the spook house.

turquoise cro said...

Phew! That party was FUN!!! I awoke and there YOU were!!! We must have danced at least one dance together by the way we look this morning!!!LOL HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! ps.How did YOU sneak your lil sweet doggie in??? AH_CHOOOO! alas, I am allergic!

Anonymous said...

I amazes me that some one can decorate their yard for Halloween and other people fuss about it and call it trash. That is a sad state of our world. We have an older gentleman in our neighborhood who the city made clean up his yard. He had lots of antiques in it and they called it trash and went so far as to put this 80 year old man in jail and while they had he there take his belongings to the dump. It was not like he just had the things thrown around. He had them all displayed nicely but the city said nope can't do that. Anyway I know I am late. Still trying to get to everyones party. Hope you had a Happy Halloween.

sognatrice said...

Great photos! And what a neighborhood!

Pandora said...

Great spooky photos and an adorable doggie :-) Yes, all that creepy stuff is mine and lives here at my house - LOL It is a bit of an Addam's Family house :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog and belated Happy Halloween to you!!

Naturegirl said...

Man it was wonderful to see what some people do to get into the Halloween spirit!GREAT JOB!! and GREAT photos!!
I love the photo of the frightened dog because my two cats headed to the basement every time the door bell rang!!! They were relieved when it was all over! Nice to meet YOu!!
now I'm off on the back of a witches broom! NG

Janet said...

Wow! Great photos!! You had a fantastic costume, too. I think I'll pass on the drinks though....that butler looks a little creepy!

Good to see you again. It's been awhile.

amermaidmmv said...

Love the quilt. Hope the little doggy got over all the halloween commotion.

Susan said...

Great photos! That poor family, they worked so hard to make an awesome display to share with the community ::shakes head::

I'm just making some very late party rounds! I saw your amazing costume (along with the adorable ladybug) on the other blog. Lots of fun!

Gemma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Looks like you had alot of fun!!!

She Who Flies said...

Happy belated Halloween to you! Hope you had fun. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Blessings,

Sheila said...

Belated Hallowe'en wishes to you!
Thanks for stopping by.
These are great photos and really show the 'spirit' of the seaon..!