Monday, October 29, 2007

We interupt your regularly scheduled evening to bring you BREAKING NEWS!-

Halloween is drawing near and so is the end of Lisa's visit. If we were going to spend any time playing with paper and glue and glitter before she leaves, it had to be soon. So ready or not, I dragged out some supplies and we started to dig through for ideas.

Lisa had seen a paper bag book for sale in a shop last week and she wanted to make something similar with fairies, like I did for my Sweet and Sinister Swap partner. She jumped right in. Meanwhile, I had the same problems I had last time I attempted something new - feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to begin and how to get the ideas in my head to translate into something physical. I spent a lot of time doing other useful tasks - playing with Joli, burning some CDs, making a pot of minestrone soup, rounding up bad kitties - while breaking my ideas into a few small initial steps. Eventually I got some wind beneath my sails and I made three ATC's. The first two are both Dia de Los Muertos themed.

Of course I couldn't wait until daylight to take decent photos. Here's another picture that has a bit less glare.

I painted the background for this next one and added a Halloween sticker witch. I tried adding some glitter to the clouds but it didn't look right (glitter was too "chunky"), so I rubbed it back off and added a few lines from one of my favorite witchy songs with a gel pen. I like the way it came out.

I also painted some paper bags so I could make a paper bag book too and hung them to dry. We have a lot to do tomorrow - we have to treasure hunt at the local thrift store for costume accessories and we have pumpkins to carve. So this evening was probably our only opportunity - I'm glad we grabbed it.

If you want to see Lisa's fairy booklet, and you do, because it turned out really cute, check it out at her Creative Slave blog.


jennalee said...

tag you are it! Check out my blog for details:

Sherry said...

Okay, now THOSE are totally scary and into the spirits of Halloween!!!! Well done!!