Thursday, October 11, 2007

I spent the day doing un-fun albeit necessary remodeling projects so no time for art. But I took a photo of the bag of goodies I found last week at the thrift store. I just unpacked it all a couple days ago.

My favorite is the box of butterfly stamps. I've been tempted to buy a butterfly stamp each time I've gone to a craft store in the last few months but for some reason haven't - guess I was waiting for this great find. There's a wee fan in the same soft colors as another fan I have in my bedroom. An old tin covered in ... German castles?.... I'll have to look again. Four pretty plaid napkins (already washed and ready to use), a soft green rose, a roll of burgandy ribbon, and last but not least, four silver frames (they're actually meant to be used as napkin holders but how much more fun to find other uses for them).

As soon as I get the front rooms back together, I'm using those butterfly stamps!

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