Sunday, October 07, 2007

I knew my Sweet and Sinister swap partner was caught in a business project all week and wouldn't be able to pick up her package until this weekend but I was getting a little worried when I hadn't heard from her yet. I was relieved to finally get an e-mail from a very tired but happy Kathy tonight. She has only had a chance to open a few of her goodies. I was going to put up the photos of the ones she's opened already but I took photos of things in groups so - drat!

Turns out the only thing I can share yet is this one rather dark image of a little bird house I painted for her. A black cat is staking it out but it looks like he'll be disappointed. Apparently some less feathery creatures have taken up residence.

I can show you something else in black and white, although it's not part of my swap package. I found this sweet framed print at the thrift store a couple of days ago. It has all sort of info on the back of it - of the artist, the printmaker, and the studio that sold it. It even has an original price mark - $1.50 in 1984 which is, I assume, the date of the print and the price of the print alone. I googled the artist's name, Suzanne Shaw, but couldn't find anything about it. Anyone know any more about her? I just loved the simplicity of the image. If you double click, you can see the details better. I had a hard time keeping any glare from getting in the image. Frame and all it only measures about 4" X 6".

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