Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, Kathy got back to me this morning that she'd finished opening her box (but not the e-mail I sent her telling her what things were, so it was kinda fun to read about her impressions of things without a description on some of them) so now I can show you more goodies.

I made a black scarf for her. It's really hard to take a photo of an all black scarf at night (because of course I waited until the lat minute to photograph everything) and not just get..... BLACK. This was the best I could do but it shows you a bit of the shiny, crinkly texture of the fabric which is what I liked. I also liked, although you can't see it, that the selvage had the prettiest soft "fringe" and I couldn't think of any nicer edge so I left it. The white rose with it's creepy passenger is a pin for the scarf or a hat or wherever she thinks it will look best.

Again the photo is too dark. Let's pretend it's mood lighting and let's pretend I did it on purpose, shall we? A black rose tied with different laces and ribbons. The little striped fabric box holds white chocolate pumpkins and a white chocolate Hedwig and dark chocolate leaves and a dark chocolate Norbert the dragon I made with some candy molds. The little black spot on the top of the package is a bat charm. White pumpkin. Two old postcards of Vegas show girls in Halloween colors.

This is called a Witch's Ball. Originally made out of glass, this is a crafter's version. It's filled with long strips of black and white fabrics. It's meant to capture "bad vibes" and keep them trapped and tangled inside. Sort of like a psychic air purifier. Hang it by the telephone or computer or anywhere you might have to deal with annoying people. Hehe.

To quote a famous fat orange tabby - "Candy! CAndy! CaNdy! CANDY!"

This looks gray, or perhaps a little green from the reflection off the wall, but it's actually bright white. It was originally all white but I painted the ivy black with glossy craft paint. Inside there are buttons, sequins, charms, and other tiny creatures. Mwahahaha.

I sent three more items, but you'll have to come back for tomorrow's post to see them. I saved my favorite crafts for last. It's pretty amazing to have photos of THINGS I MADE to show you. It's been awhile. I mean, I consider my photos art that I've made, and my words too for that matter. But why have a studio if I don't make things in it. Although, come to think of it, I didn't actually make any of this stuff in the studo. I made it in the living room and in the dining room and.... no, wait! Not true! I made the scarf in the studio. There, see! I do TO need to hog an entire room of the house all for ME!

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see you there! said...

Stopped by to see what you've been doing and oh boy! you've been busy. I went to the first October post and have enjoyed everything, the things you made and the things you received.

I'll be stopping back to catch the rest of the month of October.