Thursday, October 18, 2007

We took our granddaughter to the pumpkin patch today. I put up cute baby and family pics at Beach Treasure and saved the scenic photos for here.

I've always thought these were called Cinderella Pumpkins but the ranchers today called them Fairy Tale Pumpkins. Either way, pretty.

The dried "grass" looked like fog drifting beneath the cornstalks in the maize.. er, maze.

Redwing Blackbirds on the wing.

I think that flock of black birds are responsible for the cornless corncobs left on the dried stalks.

It's a half hour drive out to the pumpkin patch and the scenery was inspiringly beautiful everywhere you looked. A storm dawdled and dipped down over the mountains but left the valley in peek-a-boo sunshine. The oaks and cottonwoods were bright orange and yellow. The baby and road work made it difficult to find places to pull over to take photos and even when we did, it didn't capture how misty the mountains were, how vibrant the colors. You might try double clicking on this last one to see the details a bit better. Ah well, I'll look at the photos and remember.


Belita Rose said...

Yay cheese!!!!

Jill Holmes (visit from TravelersHart) said...

You have a wonderful eye for nature! I hope that you don't mind that I saved some of these photos because they are so rich to me! It made my day to just look at them. Thanks for sharing