Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lassen County might be lacking some of my favorite things - like Thai restaurants or quilt shops, but we have an awesome pumpkin patch. It's not just a bunch of pumpkins trucked into town and spread out decoratively on the corner of the road. Nosiree. It's run by a local ranching family. At Wemple's Pumpkin Patch there are other ranch activities going on, tractors, hayrides, farm animals, corn maize, piles of straw bales for kids (or grown ups) to climb on, a snack bar, gift shop, squash, gourds and other autumn produce for sale, a farm dog that follows you around asking you to throw his ball for him, stacks of big metal wagons to pull out to the fields and, of course, acres of pumpkins big and small, white and orange.

When Lisa and Joli arrive later this month, the whole family will go back to find our pumpkins and give the corn maize a try (William, hubby and I have tried and failed to navigate it for two years now). But I drove out on their first day of the season to check out the great gift shop and wander about the ranch taking photographs.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a few of the Halloween corners in the gift shop. They have autumn, Thanksgiving, "country", and Christmas/winter sections as well.

I want a Halloween tree! Last year I bought a black and orange tree on sale after Halloween that I hope to decorate this year - if I can get organized fast enough to pull out my decorations.

This year there were a few other Halloween decorations at the ranch. Two orange kittens and a black one (that was too fast to capture on film...er on pixel?)

Here's what I brought home - not too much. Two felt gift bags, a steal at fifty cents each, a tiny white Boo pumpkin, two acorn squash and a delicata, a tiny cat decoration, a tiny pitchfork, and two very cool journal books. Oh, and a bag of teeny pumpkins for my Halloween village that I just realized wasn't put in the bag - dang!

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