Saturday, October 20, 2007

If you were to drive down my street this evening, you'd catch a glimpse of some lights through my window and do a double take. What are those crazy people doing NOW!? They've already got their Yule tree up?!

Ah, but if you get a little closer, you'll see it's not what it appears to be. It's a Halloween tree! Not one quite as spooky as Ray Bradbury's Halloween tree though.

This one is just the right amount of spooky.

I've wanted to make a Halloween tree for a few years now. I've had a teeny wire table top one, with teeny decorations. I still have that one and I plan to put that one up too. But I wanted to make a bigger one. I have a small black and orange tree, about a foot and a half tall perhaps. I figured I'd use that one and put some of my larger decorations on it. Then I found a seven foot tree complete with lights on sale after the New Year for ten dollars. I couldn't pass that up, now, could I?

I was a little worried I wouldn't have enough ornaments for it but it turns out that all those little bits and bobs are much easier to put on the tree than on counters and shelves all over the place. It went up fast and if I had a problem with ornaments, it was that I had too many! As you can see in the first picture, it attracts wee people, so I put unbreakable things all around the bottom few feet.

I did a bit of decorating outside as well. I put a photo up on Beach Treasure.


Deirdre said...

One year for a showhouse I was decorating a Christmas tree with a Seashore Theme. We took the tree and spraypainted it pink (pink and green are oh so preppy), and hung shells and starfish on it. The tree sold right away - so you might want to think about orange and/or black paint (next year - easier to do without the wind and rain)

JulieZS said...

Oh my Goddess! That is terrific Laume. I am so totally and completely stealing that idea for next year. I have all the little bits and bobs too, which are fun, but too cluttery looking on the windowsills. Perfecto solution! I hereby crown you the Queen of Halloween!