Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The faerie outfit making continues although I didn't get much done yesterday for reasons I can't really figure out. The day just got chopped up and before I knew it, poof, it was gone. Next I'm working on a Joli's faerie skirt. I have the cutest tulle for the project but I decided last night that it wasn't enough and I needed to add more. Her wings are red and orange and the tulle I already had was red so I went to get some orange tulle at Walmart (our only local fabric sourse) last night. Of course they had every color under the sun except orange. Sigh. So I bought more red. Oh well, no matter what her outfit looks like she'll be adorable.

Shades of Inspiration today is a hodge podge of pink and green - I'm running out of pink and green photos in my files! I've got a bunch of ideas for new photos but I ran out of room on the SD cards in both cameras this morning and so I'll have to deal with that before tomorrow.

Garden pinwheels

A rose bouquet with a little punch of lime green

I saw this stained glass chandelier hanging in the front entry of a restaurant in Old Town Sacramento (California)

Here's another pretty old china cup and saucer that was displayed at our now closed tea room. It's a good thing we took so many photos when they were still open for business. Now we can look at them whenever we want to remember all the good times we had there.

The depth of this photo means your eye goes to a number of places but only one of them is in focus. And yet I like how it captures what it felt like to stand beneath the rose vine.

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