Thursday, July 10, 2008

First of all - FAST BREAKING NEWS!!!

Artistic Archeologist Uncovers Sewing Machine!

Well, almost. Give me another hour in the studio today and I should be threaded and ready to sew. I worked for hours in the cool of the evening yesterday, sorting, sorting, sorting. I haven't moved anything out of the studio but I've sorted it down into much more compact boxes and piles so now all I have left to do (before I can work in there, not before it's all clean and sorted - not likely to happen soon!) is clear off the actual sewing table and pull it away from the wall.

I was able to find most of the clothes, fabrics, and embellishments I need for making faerie outfits. It's all in a big plastic box. I also put all the clothes or fabrics I knew how I wanted to refashion into their own pile. The rest of the fabrics that aren't quilting cotton got piled separately. So did yarn. I pulled out a bunch of projects that were only an hour or less into the making which are now outdated and won't be worth finishing, rolled the yarn back up. That was freeing.

I've got a lunch date with hubby and then I'll be back to work on that table clearing.

Moving on, today's Shades of Inspiration Challenge. More brown.

Folks seemed to enjoy the photos I put up yesterday from The Chalice Well. I promised to show the fountain today, where you can gather water in your glass or drinking bottle. We bought a drinking bottle at the front and filled it. The water tasted of high mineral content, but was refreshing and it's water from a sacred well - can't beat that. I tease, but it was, in fact, a very moving experience.

This is a little wire man my son Sam made for me when he was younger. It wasn't a school project or anything, he just made it for me. I still love it. Now he's all grown and building things like houses. He's going to be coming over next month and, with his younger brother as slave labor, building me a new front entry steps. The old one is crumbling away. I'm so excited. I'm leaving it up to him, he has excellent taste. He's talking about staining and marbling and curving. As long as it matches the brick on the front of the house, it will look fabulous I'm sure.

A Green Man candle holder. Although, he's really more of a Bronze Man, isn't he? I use him as a seasonal decoration for both winter and summer solstices, as he's clearly the Oak King.

I already put this photo up on my Beach Treasure blog last week but I thought it was a good photo for the brown challenge. Ice Bat is showing off the beautiful brown and cream English transferware mug I found at the thrift store.

A close up of some of my broom collection. These are all displayed in a flower bucket near the front door. Witches have to have somewhere to park when they arrive, yes?

I put up some photos of some new thrifted treasures over at Beach Treasure today and in a happy coincidence, they all happen to be brown as well.

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