Friday, July 04, 2008

Last week two of my faery family, my daughter-in-law Lisa and her sister Elena, were here visiting, and we spent one afternoon searching the two local thrift shops for supplies for our faery garb for this year's upcoming Faerieworlds Festival. The girls scored big time, finding all of the rest of the major pieces they needed to put together their outfits, including some perfect faery boots. I also found some great finds. I picked up the rest of what I needed for the outfits I'm making, as well as some other goodies, on my two trips to Reno this week.

Last year, our first year at the festival, we all dressed up and enjoyed our costumes. Still, within seconds of arriving, we'd realized that reality was completely optional at Faerieworlds and that despite our efforts, we felt underdressed. We knew we'd want to make more of an effort for this year.

Last year's two day event has become a three day event this year with themed costume balls on the first two nights. The themes - Bad Faery Day on Friday and Good Faery Day on Saturday, guide our choices. Sunday's theme is Family Day and so it's pretty much whatever you want to do.

We all knew immediately we'd go with black and edgy on Friday. I think Elena's costume is sort of punky, Lisa's is sexy bad (too bad for my son that he won't be joining us!). I'm going as a raven faery, the first and favorite idea I'd come up with immediately after leaving last year's festival. I think we're all going more magical and letting our girlie sides out for Saturday. My outfit will be sort of a butterfly garden outfit. Elena found this great flowing blue gown made all of lace. I'm using Sunday to indulge my desire to be a more of an earth spirit fae in autumny golds and browns or woodsy green colors. I'm also making Joli's bad faery costume. I've got supplies that could go either red or black (or hey, both!) for her, we'll see what evolves.

Oh, and hubby wants costumes too so I have to come up with his outfits. Men are harder (hey, I meant the making of costumes for them - sheesh, what did you THINK I meant!?) and the ideas I have are more just "a touch of costume". He's seen the photos from last year and he liked the idea of dressing up as a half animal. I found him a cool black and white faux fur vest at the thrift store. We've taken to calling it the Skunk Vest because the white makes a stripe down the back. I think that works for the bad faery day theme. I just need to find him a black t-shirt and shorts, maybe he can wear his stompy big black work boots with them. And buy some pointy ears at the festival.

When we were thrift shopping, Elena pointed out this huge foot tall, psychedelic tie dyed, "cat-in-the-hat" style hat with a giant purple flower on it. I exclaimed loudly, without thinking of how odd the comment would sound, - "Oh, perfect! My husband will look great in that!" Half a dozen shoppers heard and burst into hysterics at the idea. But he will look perfect in it and it's a mansized hat. All he'll need to finish it off for good faery day is a tie dye shirt (he owns several), some bright colored shorts, sandals, and tiny wings. I'll work up a wizardy or elfish woodsy outfit for him the last day.

Okay, so, on with the photos already.

Having nothing absolutely to do with faeries, we got a flat tire yesterday while in Reno. We had to take the car to Les Schwab (they fixed the problem, a runover nail, for free) and I got to spend an hour in the fabric store right next door. I learned that if one is trying to avoid purchasing new fabric, one shouldn't run over a nail and spend an hour in a fabric store. But still, I didn't go wild crazy, and I love the new fabrics I bought. These above are all very Boho Paris. I bought enough to make each matching set into bags. If you can't tell, the dark isn't black, it's all dark chocolate brown.

Here's the rest of my fabric purchases - top left is a yard of pink (it's a darker pink in person) I found on the sale rack - it will go great with some of my black prints. Top right are quarter yards of blue and green polka dots and butterflies to add to the collection I'm using for a blue green quilt for our bed. In the middle are both third yard cuts of things that were just pretty. I liked how the one had both pink and red in it and the golden yellow print is dragonflies with sparkly accents. Last but not least, two new Halloween fabrics.

Next on to Michaels where I bought some embellishments for faery outfits (on the right) and paint supplies for a project involving old windows (on the left).

Okay, here's some thrift store finds. Except for the beautiful scarf in the bottom left (so pretty, with greens and pinks!), these are all fabrics, scarves, shirts and skirts auditioning for my woodsy fae outfit. Well, except the top left corner where you can see some of hubby's clothes and bedding. And Rosie and Miranda who both assumed I needed them to serve as adorable models. (I think you can click on the photos and see them in a larger size from Flickr. You might even see some real detail then.) The green leather belt with a Lord of the Rings-ish style buckle was a huge find!

Here's a huge length of black lace, a tiered black velvet skirt, a black velvet hat (atop Miranda), and a book I found on at the thrift store since there was room in the picture. All but the book and cat are for my raven outfit.

Okay, more of a hodge podge and not necessarily meant for any particular use - but I'm sure I'll come up with some - a purple silk skirt (for wearing or cutting up, not sure yet), some white lace, a silver belt I actually thought would make great individual miniature frames, some linen fabric samples, about a half yard of pretty vintage green floral fabric, and a gorgeous white faery skirt that might be an alternative outfit for this year's event or might have to wait for next year for it's turn. Of course I can wear it inbetween for fun as well. This photo loaded sideways, sorry if it looks weird.

This is the other half of the last photo showing the purple skirt and silver belt again atop a heavy stiff velvet cloth trimmed in gold tassles. I'm thinking it will work well in as a table cover in either my living room or dining room. The gray and black stuff near Miranda are scraps of a pretty polar fleece. Hat material? Or maybe a small soft bag? The black is a pretty midriff cut sweater with rhinestone buttons to wear just as it is. Look at Miranda and her long pink tongue - I caught her mid-nose-lick!

I know you couldn't see everything well, but to take photos of each thing individually would have been overkill. I think it's fun to see peeks of things and so I hope you've had fun imagining all my new finds and what I'm planning to do with them. I have more thrift finds already waiting in the studio to use for my outfits, including most of the materials and pieces for my butterfly outfit. I haven't taken photos of any of that yet. Only twenty seven days until the festival, so I hope I have new "before and after" photos of my creations to show you soon!

If you want to see something else pretty I just bought, go take a peek at today's Beach Treasure post.

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