Saturday, July 05, 2008

When we were in Reno this week, I took along my camera just in case I found anything interesting for Shades of Inspiration color theme challenge. This week's theme is pink as you know and boy, did I find something interesting! Driving up the southern end of South Virginia Street, I spied this big fella and did a double take, and then a U-Turn.

He was just inside the fence of a pizza parlor and miniature golf grounds. The sun sort of washes out the color but boy, was he bright!

They also had this yummy looking strawberry ice cream cone. Lots more pink! Made me wish for a real one on this very hot day. Or maybe a Jamba Juice smoothie, honestly.

Here's the whole sweet concoction, a candy cake? A confectionary castle?

Last but not least - well, I guess he was the smallest of the three things I photographed - was this giant pink ant. A pink ant??? I think they had extra pink paint left over and didn't want to waste it.

I've seen this business before, but last time I passed it nothing was painted and it was sort of hidden in amongst new sprawl by some left over wooded lots. It must have been resold or at least spiffed up because now it's very noticable and I'm thinking it would be great fun to bring my grandkids here if we have an excuse to all be in Reno together at some point. Or if I can't use them as an excuse, maybe it would just be fun to go and be the kid myself. Growing into my second childhood and all that.

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kayellen said...

The big pink ant reminds me of... Honey I shrunk the Kids movie!

Looks like a fun day:)