Sunday, July 06, 2008

Last day of the pink challenge for Shades of Inspiration. I had six photos but could only upload five over on the Flickr group. You can see all six here though.

Chippy pink paint on some old football bleachers.

Same football game, the sky was trying to outdo the game for excitement.

I really love this photo of two sisters, one perfect, the other weathered. There's a millions stories written on this theme.

Who could resist taking home this pink eared bunny we found at the thrift shop!

Pink floral wreaths on a grave in Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. I think there's a name for these porcelain flowers but I can't find a reference to it at the moment.

A pink, white, and black gazebo in Hyde Park, London, England. I wanted to go up there and dance but the gate was locked and I thought it would be bad manners to jump the fence in someone elses country (if it had been the U.S., I probably would have gone for it!) The good news, I did eventually find a gazebo to dance in while in Paris.

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Belita Rose said...

That picture of Joli is so cute!!!