Sunday, July 13, 2008

I think I've solved my green skirt problem. Yep. My solution - wear a different skirt. Snort! Okay, so I'm still hoping to tackle the green skirt, but if not, I went thrifting yesterday and found a) a floaty white full length skirt and b) a silky, twirly red dress with white polka dots. I bought both and I'm gonna cut the dress and make it a skirt because the skirt hangs so prettily but the top part is too tight and pulls the waist up into my rib cage. It occurred to me as I was debating buying both that layered, they'd make good faery attire AND they will match the top I have planned to wear with the green skirt. So, with an easy back up plan, I feel more relaxed about attempting the green skirt project.

The last day of brown for Shades of Inspiration. It seems like everyone slows down by the end of the color week, I know I do, but then when the last day rolls around I suddenly find a dozen more photos I should snap or share and I get bummed when we move on to a new color. Here are my last brown pics.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo as I'm still thinking it oh-so-cool that William and I were actually in the village of Wall from the set of the movie Stardust. This is in front of Monday & Sons. If you've seen the movie you'll be nodding your head now in understanding.

Here's another photo of in front of the shop without all the crew working on it.

Beautiful old beam and brick buildings in York, England.

This is one of my favorite photos of William Hmmm, I just realized that I have several photos of William that I love, in all of them he's doing the same thing - dancing. I guess they capture the moment well. Here he is in the top floor of an old haunted Tudor home in Conwy, Wales, looking rather ghostlike himself. If you open the photo, you can see the beautiful designs in the arches and ceiling.

A copper table top in Pilaf's, one of my favorite restaurants in Ashland, Oregon.

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Short and Sweet said...

I just can't believe how busy you are and how much you travel with your family. I just added your blog to my "Inspiring Visits". I enjoy your comments and love reading your blogs.