Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not as much faery garb making in the last few days as I'd hoped. I promised hubby if I was still in town when his day off arrived, I'd go back to the fair with him, so that's how I spent yesterday afternoon. And then I was too tired to do much last night after walking around in the hot sun all day. I brought my camera back to the fair but forgot to put a SD card in it first. Argh.

Friday night I did get almost all of hubby's costumes finished though. I've got to take photos to share. And I had a last moment inspiration for one of his outfits. Two out of the three days our outfits will match, we'll have the same theme. We're both autumn woodland faeries together one day, and both dark animal fae another day. We would have matched on the third day as well, if not in theme, at least in color scheme, but then I switched my outfit. I realized a couple of nights ago (while laying in bed with a full moon shining through the window and restless insomnia) that with a little luck, I could find what I needed to switch hubby's outfit to match mine and it would be a lot more fun for him to wear as well.

Yesterday, before the fair, we hit the two thrift shops in town and luck was riding along on our shoulders because we found everything we needed. He was such a good sport, following me around and trying on clothing, some even from the women's section, even though he was completely confused as to my ultimate vision for him. He's learned to trust over the years that what starts out confusing him ends up with him going "Aha! That looks great!" Now all I have left to do for him is sew a few leaves on a hat and a few flowers on a pair of suspenders. Oh, and if I have time left, he wants another pair of wings.

I finished grandbaby's faery skirt on Friday night too. I sewed some flowers on the matching onesie and then stumbled upon a better idea in my box of ribbons, so I'm going to change the trim on it before I take a photo.

Today I'm going to work on designing wings and finishing the sewing on my own costumes. I should do the sewing first as I could do without the wings or buy them at the festival if I wanted, but I'm really excited to make them so, hopefully, with a little help from my friend - iced coffee - I'll manage to do both. And have time to go the market and make some gazpacho as well. Colorful, spicy and delicious - what could be more creative than that!

Today's Shades of Inspiration photos:

Some wee fairies resting under a summer candle holder. They're part of a larger crowd of fae and creatures having a picnic in a eclectic, odd, but somehow satisfying hodge podge summer altar display. I really liked the shadow in the background.

I didn't know anything about Evangeline (until I googled it this morning) but I saw this book at the thrift shop yesterday and the cover was so beautiful I had to bring it home.

Someone entered this pretty pink and green doily in the fair this year. There was another one, equally pretty, but I couldn't get the camera to ignore the glass and focus on it to take a sharp photo.

Another fair entry - I like the mint green and bubble gum pink. It would be cheerful here on a cold snowy day.

My friend Deb was thoughtful enough to enter this lovely pink and green wallhanging in the fair - and win a blue ribbon for it. I'm assuming the flower is a datura? Have you ever seen those vines heavy with flower in real life? They are enormous! Like something out of a fantasy jungle scene.

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