Thursday, July 17, 2008

I was running out of fun pink and green photos for this week's theme at Shades of Inspiration. Lucky for me I went to the county fair yesterday and scored all sorts of fun pink and green photos to share with you!

Giant hollow bellied dragons on a ride in the children's midway area.

The adult midway (or really, isn't it truly more of a teenager's midway!?) obligingly was painted in sherbet colors this year instead of the more traditional bright reds and oranges.

There were lots of commercial vendors selling things from cowboy hats to these more-my-style umbrellas.

Another shot of the midway. The Tilt-O-Whirl is the only ride I really enjoy.

Las but definitely not least, fashionista extraordinaire, Flo the Clown. (If you want to see the rest of her oh-so-chic outfit, there are more photos of her on Beach Treasure today.)

That's it for now. I have more pink and green fair photos I'm saving for tomorrow as five per day is the limit.

But that's not all I have to show you. Au contraire! I snapped pics of other interesting fair exhibits. (But not in the fine arts building, where it seemed a bit too much like infringing on someone elses art.)

This quilt was made by a teenager in the 4-H exhibits. I photographed it close up so you could see the nifty way she used up bits and pieces of the conversation print panels by making a bigger crazy quilt designed panel for the middle. I thought that was a lot more interesting than just a solid quilt of ordinarily cut squares.

Another 4-H quilt, I adore polka dots and thought the colors were fantastic. And don't you love the unexpected red for the backing!?

This was a large... I think it was twenty squares of santas doing seasonal things. You'd think it would be twelve squares, one for each month, but apparently the quilter had more ideas than she could fit into a monthly square. Of course I had to share the Halloween themed square. Also, check out the gorgeous detail in the machine quilting.

I thought this was a nicely done jeans quilt. I like how she left seams, zippers and pockets to make more visual variety.

These dark pieces were made by a very talented teen out of soldered bolts!

A quilting friend of mine made this cute wallhanging. You can't see it well but a really cute touch was the beads on the kids' outfits.

I liked the simple shapes and bright colors of these glass plates and trivets. I particularly liked the little screaming face in blue and red (although I'm not sure the artist meant it to be a face) and the black cat.

Same friend who made the little Hawaiian kids wall hanging made this flying geese one. What impressed me was the wandering teeny tiny flying geese border around the middle scene. These were almost miniature quilt tiny - a lot of work.

I assume this is meant to be a child's quilt. A simple technique but what lot of mileage she got out using it plus bright prints. I'd love to play around with this idea.

I ended up back at the fair a second time later last night and I have more exhibit photos, plus more pink and green fair photos to share, hopefully tomorrow. Meanwhile, I put up a bunch of general fair scene photos today over on Beach Treasure. Be sure to go check them out for a montage of small town fun.

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Denise said...

Love your fair photos........that clown is too funny!