Friday, July 11, 2008

The rest of the sewing machine table uncovering happened yesterday. The last couple baskets of miscellaneous bits and pieces, I just put them aside to deal with later. Sewing could commence. It didn't. Instead decisions had to be made as to length and style for two skirts I'm starting on first. Plus I couldn't find my elastic and I decided it would be a lot faster to just go to the store and buy some more than spend all day trying to find the elastic I already bought.

One skirt is just a little tulle fairy skirt for my grandbaby. Should be easy enough. Knock on wood.

The second skirt is the one I'm struggling with - I have several yards of this bright green fabric with .... I should just find a photo to show you, it's too hard to describe - built in ruffles every couple of inches.

I imagined turning it into a skirt by turning over the top, running elastic through it, and voila! But the more I got thinking about it, the more I realized that the thick ruffly fabric all gathered together all the way to the top of the skirt and bunched around my waist would in all likelihood be as attractive as just eating on an extra ten pounds around my hips.

Plus, I want a really full twirly skirt. So instead of cutting it in half and sewing two full length (to my ankles) sections together to make the skirt, I think I should cut it in three sections and make it shorter but fuller. It's stretchy heavy fabric anyway, I don't think it will look as twirly if I make it longer. So make that the equivalent of fifteen pounds around my waist.

I can't make inserts to make the skirt fuller only at the bottom because of the ruffle pattern. So the only thing for it is to make a drop waist. I think that's what it's called. Where I make a short unruffled waist and sew the rest of the skirt on around the base of that. Which means I have to find a matching fabric for the top. Not easy. I found two fabrics last night at the store that might work (I know, I'm not supposed to buy new - I'm still not sure if new fabric counts as new clothing. I think no, but I'm trying to work only with already owned or thrifted fabrics anyway - but time is running out and I live in a small town, so I think this counts as an emergency). One is a silky chocolate brown with a green paisley design and one in a crinkled fabric with a little more stretch in an apricot and pinkish red floral. Oh, these fabrics are going to be such fun to work with - NOT. I wish I had a pattern to follow, but then again I'm so completely lousy at following patterns that I'm not sure that will help.

Bottom line, I have to just be brave and start to cut and sew and if I totally screw it up, oh well, I curse a bit, shed a few tears, and then I have a back up skirt in mind for this outfit. Wish me luck.

Moving on, today's Shades of Inspiration photos.

Beautiful tree fungi in a shady spot near the pond, Monet's Garden, Giverny, France

A door and potted tree I loved to walk by each day on our street in Paris.

Some beautiful lacy old window grill in Vernon, France.

Intricate arched ceiling in Place des Vosges, Paris

Detail of doors, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

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Melissa Valeriote said...

Good luck with your sewing adventures. A skill I wish I possessed. You're a lucky woman to be surrounded with such beautiful imagery. You're photos are lovely. I look forward to seeing photos of your finished skirt.