Monday, July 14, 2008

The Shades of Inspiration color theme is getting tougher this week with not one, but two colors required. Am I up to the double color challenge? Let's see...

The color theme is - PINK and GREEN.

This poor little thing had lived a hard live and then was abandoned, living forgotten on the top shelf of a junque shop in town. After months of passing her by, I just couldn't take it anymore and brought her home. After this photo was taken I cleaned her up and was surprised to find most of her smudges and bruises disappeared.

The predominant colors in the Paris landscape seem to be white and gray. That's not to say Parisienne's don't try to add a splash of color to the streets. This cafe in Montmartre was certainly colorful enough!

I'm still sad..... no, heartbroken about our local tea room closing down. These were two of my favorite tea cups there.

In the ghost town Bodie, time is slowly fading all the colors away. But you can still see the pale green paint and the pink and white wallpaper in this abandoned kitchen.

These miniature roses grow near our front step. Awhile ago I noticed that all the buds in a particular cluster were pink except for one, which even tightly coiled was a pale green. It stayed green even when open. I just took this photo yesterday.

Over the weekend I've been busy digging for treasures under the the hot and smoky California sun. I wrote about it in depth and added some photos of some of my finds over on Beach Treasure.

I'm finally getting serious about coordinating some faeriewear. I sorted all the auditioning clothes, fabrics, scarves, and embellishments into theme or color piles and started trying things on. I even made my first refashioned item, only I forgot to take a Before Photo. Dang. I started on another refashioned top and this time I took a photo of it before I started work on it. But it's not finished yet so I don't have an After Photo yet.

I hope to get right back to my costume designing tomorrow... er, later today (I'm writing this before I go to sleep) and if things go according to plan, I'll have more progress made and more photos to show you. In the meantime, check out the adorably wicked faerie outfit my daughter-in-law designed. I'm going to make her some faerie hair additions to accessorize it.


Simply Me Art said...

I think we share the same Rose, How beautiful they are. So Sad about the closing of the Tea Room, Im affraid favorite places are closing right and left. A very sad sign of our times. The Paris Picture is Gorgeous, It makes me want to go dig out my Paris vacation photos, How I wish I could be there again, Jamie

Belita Rose said...