Monday, July 07, 2008

A new week, a new color for Shades of Inspiration. This week will be the last single color challenge for awhile and then the hostess is going to throw color combinations at us! That should make it more difficult. I might not get to play as much as I need to spend my time in other ways, but it's so addictive as the group members are all such nice folk. This week is...


I didn't mean to upload this photo but I can't delete it, doesn't my son Joe look cute behind the wheel of this old car?

Here's the photo I meant to upload. Think he needs some new wheels?

This is a sunflower leaf in autumn - I love how they look like brown velvet in the garden.

Obviously I can get a lot of mileage out of all the photos I took in the ghost town Bodi over the years. Here's the old church against a bright blue sky.

A little farther north on Highway 395 we found a old fashioned candy store. This contraption was displayed on the front porch of the shop.

Both manzanita, which are shrubs and madrone (shown here, larger trees) are so beautiful with their red brown trunks. Sometimes it's a brick red, other times it's more of a magenta or even purple red. You can't see them in this shot but this madrone was also sporting delicate pink flowers when I took the picture.

I stopped at the thrift store again today trying to find the last of the fairy costume stuff. I scored big with the rest of what I need for hubby's outfits (I hope, there's always something you forget until the last minute) as well as some more fun stuff for me. Photos tomorrow maybe. And now that I've got everything, it might be a good idea for me to stay home and work on stuff instead of making any more treasure hunting trips for awhile - only 24 more days!

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